Revolutionizing retail

Create a digital experience that:

  1. Communicates Unspun’s vision to irreversibly innovate the fashion industry
  2. Drives consumers through the buying process unique to on demand e-commerce
  3. Appeals to a wide variety of audiences – from people who struggle with fit, to tech enthusiasts and the environmentally conscious consumer

For both the world and the body we live in – Unspun Denim is reshaping the culture of fashion. Through localized and on-demand production, Unspun is on a mission to eliminate textile waste as well as the standardization of body shapes and sizes. Unspun partnered with Oui Will to create a digital experience that promotes a “size-free” social and retail culture.

Concept & Art Direction

Body shapes and sizes aren’t standardized, yet the clothes we wear are. Especially with denim, a wardrobe staple, finding a perfect fit can be daunting. Inspired by Unspun’s 3D body scanning process, we wanted to illustrate the idea of perfect fit for every body type. Both visual and interaction design utilizes morphing shapes as a nod to Unspun’s jeans that wrap around your body type. The typography, colors and layouts come together to emphasize the duality of technology and fashion which is core to the Unspun product.


The analog type and messaging around process speaks to the tech innovation while the bold, contrasting colors and as editorial imagery nods to high fashion.


The concept of morphing shapes is carried throughout the About page, which communicates Unspun’s purpose, technology and team.

Shop Unspun / Checkout Personalizer

Unspun carries zero inventory. For this reason, the customer checkout experience needed to collect more information than the typical e-commerce. To purchase Unspun Denim, users must (1) schedule a body scan and (2) personalize their jeans. On the product page, we created an experience for users to customize their denim’s style, fabric, hem, thread color and waist rise. As the user configures each aspect of their jeans, an updated image reflects their highly customizable Unspun jeans.


A Lookbook is a great opportunity to create brand feeling from curated product and lifestyle imagery. It also allows brands to put forth new collections without reinventing the entire website. The Lookbook we created for Unspun continues the art direction of morphing shapes, reinforcing the brand’s size-free philosophy. Since Unspun jeans are highly customizable, each image showcases the exact configuration upon hover to make checkout even more convenient.

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