A new form of digital media to enable self exploration

Our objectives in designing Scrpt:

  1. Simplify a complex and abstract product benefit
  2. Design a new form of digital media that was intuitive yet robustly versatile
  3. Make the consumption of complex ideas effortless

Immersive Digital Platform

Scrpt is a platform that orchestrates a series of digital activities in the form of a “Capsule”. Capsules utilize different forms of digital media (text, imagery, video, audio) to prompt thought and encourage responses from users. Used over time, Scrpt also becomes an intellectual time capsule for individuals keen on intentional self evolution.

Art Direction

We elected dream-like colors and pensive imagery to create a digital atmosphere that could enable a rich flow of creative thoughts and ideas.


Scrpt's core offering are interactive capsules. Capsules are immersive digital experiences that ferry users into online excursions into different worlds. Each capsule contains experiential elements as well as intuitive journal pages where users can discover, gather and develop ideas, traditions and practices to enrich their individual and collective lives.


When the founder of Scrpt came to Oui Will, it was a great idea in need of a concise yet compelling story and refined digital interface.


Verified capsule publishers are able to build and sell capsules on the platform, creating a content-diverse marketplace.

Why Scrpt?

More than any other advantage we have — be it our wealth, home, network, knowledge, health, career or education — our ability to invent and reinvent ourselves defines whether we utilize our assets up or down 1 to 10 times. Scrpt is a platform that facilitates personal growth by allowing us to discover and embrace our best sense of self.

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