Advancing the shift to sustainable mobility

Debuting a new class of vehicles in a way that:

  1. Serves as an imaginative and experiential validation of Rivian and its offerings
  2. Builds excitement around the ambitions of Rivian and the debut of their Electric Adventure Vehicles
  3. Instills confidence in its investors and the media as to why Rivian is the automaker of the near future

Experiential Introduction

We were commissioned to position Rivian, an automotive newcomer, as the industry leader in sustainable mobility. Starting with a digital experience to build anticipation around their first line of best-in-class Electric Adventure Vehicles (EAVs), we communicated their promises without ever showing their product.

Creative Direction

To represent Rivian in an innovative way, our goal was to understand the boundaries of the brand and push them when appropriate. We wanted to create an exciting yet seamless evolution of art direction throughout the three launch phases.

Launch 1.0

With the design of product still underway, we took advantage of the opportunity to be adventurous and imaginative.

Teasing imagination to build anticipation

We created an experience using 3D environments to show an abstraction of Rivian in different elements, illustrating the concept of a limitless potential as a precursor to other website launches.

Launch 2.0

Building anticipation of the reveal event at the LA Auto Show

Showcasing the team and technology behind the brand

With a media embargo in place, we could not display the product before the public unveiling at the 2019 LA Auto Show. We focused instead on the technologies that would power the R1S and R1T.

Engineered for electric adventure

Using WebGL, we created an interactive tour of Rivian's technologies to showcase how Rivian is built from a clean sheet and thoughtfully integrated to enable exploration without compromise.

Core Technologies

The technology pages of the platform features the skateboard platform, battery, autonomous driving and connected digital experience of driving a Rivian.

Interactive discovery of information

By clicking on interaction points, car enthusiasts can learn about the unique characteristics of the R1T and R1S's powertrain, air suspension, battery and dynamic roll control.

Launch 3.0

The Public Unveiling

Debuting Rivian's first line of EAVs — R1T and R1S

With careful coordination and collaboration with the Rivian team, we launched the product pages, fully outlining the specifications of Rivian’s first fleet of Electric Adventure Vehicles.

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