Launching Latin America's alternative to a bank

A landing page to introduce RappiPay in a way that:

  1. Stands out from the Rappi brand without completely departing from it
  2. Differentiates RappiPay as the modern alternative to replace your bank account
  3. Is vibrant and playful without losing authority and credibility

Introducing RappiPay

Rappi is an on-demand delivery startup that connects users with just about anything. To ride the momentum of its fast-growing base (6 millions active users), Rappi launches RappiPay, the modern solution to institutional bank accounts. We partnered with Rappi to expand RappiPay's reach to Mexico.

A tool that makes life easier.

We wanted to convey the energy and vibrancy from having a tool that makes life easier. To capture the joy of having more free time to do what you enjoy, the art direction is full of color and movement.

Positioning for market leadership

Latin America’s concentrated consumer population coupled with its widespread adoption of mobile technology has positioned Rappi as a front running tech unicorn in this new wave of tech startups surging the LATAM market. Our objective was to equate yet differentiate RappiPay from a traditional bank.

A brand to humanize FinTech

Storytelling through 3D and animation

Comparing RappiPay to a bank stops at its secure and worldwide payment capabilities. We used 3D animation to convey how RappiPay is simple, fun and free yet powerful and full of benefits.

Experience that leads to conversion

We opted out of the expected approach to CTAs, opting in for a more visually guided user experience. Triggered by scroll, screens of the app are paired with copy to lead the user to the landing page's ultimate goal.

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