Inclusive work cultures through data accountability

Removing barriers and creating tools so that:

  1. Organizations can monitor and improve business performance on recruitment, retention and advancement of underrepresented professionals
  2. Underrepresented professionals can help keep industries accountable by having access and contributing to authentic internal culture data
  3. Collaboration between organizations and individuals are positive, proactive and significantly impactful

Data-Driven Platform

We partnered with Kanarys to build the first and only data-driven, crowdsourced platform that fosters collaboration between employers and underrepresented professionals, providing actionable insights around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Kanarys' Website

A website articulating Kanary's misison, vision and offerings was launched to build anticipation before the platform release.

Company Profiles

Each company profile on the platform consolidates information and offers insight into a company’s internal culture. Tools are designed to collect company-wide demographic data, employee benefits and employee reviews.

Data Insights

Company partners have access to valuable objective data on employee sentiment without jeopardizing the protected identities of verified respondents. This provides businesses with the tools to establish baselines and benchmarks in order to enhance DEI in the workplace.

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