Humbert & Poyet

A passion for creating spaces

We created a portfolio experience showcasing:

  1. The rare and unique interior designs of Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet
  2. Timeless luxury and design, signature attributes of a talented duo
  3. Passion for craft, evident in their love for all the small details

Digital Portfolio

As an agency that values the connection between heritage and innovation, we were commissioned by Humbert & Poyet to represent their interior masterpieces in a digital dimension.

Design Objective

To create a design structure that is visually memorable, elevating the browsing experience without competing with the projects themselves.

Art Direction

Projects are prominently featured on the homepage with scroll triggered interactions. Imagery of beautiful interiors are highlighted, shown against a bold, modernly ornate serif.

Mobile Friendly

To retain creative integrity across devices, we also designed the experience specifically for mobile. Smooth interactions and animations from the desktop continue to interact with the user through scrolling and swiping on the phone.

Branded Digital Experience

Unified under one digital experience, we created a strong visual identity to represent Humbert & Poyet as a cohesive brand.

Online space for physical places

The prolific work of interior design duo, Emil Humbert & Christophe Poyet can be enjoyed in cosmopolitan cities around the world. With the launch of their new portfolio website, the renown work of Humbert & Poyet's architectural accomplishments can also be appreciated online.

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