Grand Image

Building tools for the nation’s leading custom artwork solution

Simplify their offering internally and externally with:

  1. An award-winning website that uncomplicates the proposition of custom art
  2. A platform application that reduces the steps required for their internal teams to source, customize, quote, sell and fulfill custom art
  3. Digital experiences that serve as positive brand touch points leading to more conversion

Brand Story

Grand Image is a business to business service, friendly art gallery and publisher with over 30,000 images that can be customized to any specification. They make it easy for businesses like The W Hotel, Uber and Starbucks to have custom art that defines their brand in physical spaces.

Award-Winning Website

We wanted to reflect the quality aesthetic in Grand Image’s imagery and artwork. The website uses a unique grid and layout that seamlessly guides users through each section while presenting content in a way that is engaging and easy to digest.

Browse-Worthy Art Gallery

We created a curated gallery showcasing Grand Image’s award-winning catalogue of 30,000 pieces. We opted for a clean and modern visual approach to ensure focus on the art.

Platform Design

We designed a series of tools to allow the Grand Image team to easily curate collections, present and share proposals with clients, translate approved proposals into actionable work orders, monitor inventory and sales performance.

Digital Art Installation

After digitizing Grand Image’s customer artwork solution through a consumer facing website and an internal facing platform, we advocated for a 3D digital art installation. We created a series of interactive environments to demonstrate how art breathes life into a room.

Interactive Art Gallery

We designed a system to feature select Grand Image artworks. Users are prompted to explore the impact that a quality piece of art has when brought into a room.

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