Connect Homes

Democratizing modern living

Partnering with Connect Homes to:

  1. Make them a household name for modern smart homes in urban environments
  2. Strike a balanced positioning between aspirational and accessible
  3. Create a digital experience that showcases homes as products that go beyond shelter

Rethinking how we build, buy and live in our homes.

The design of our built environment affects our health and well-being, and can have long-term implications on our quality of life. Outdated home-building standards, surging real estate prices and changes in lifestyle priorities are all factors that make modern living out of reach for most people. Founded by architects, Connect Homes combines smart design, prefab and delivery to make modern, dream homes a more feasible lifestyle product for the everyday homeowner.


We wanted the identity to speak to the concept of “connecting” to more than just a shelter. The brand mark is composed of 2 shapes that link together, symbolizing how Connect Homes connects people to a healthy, modern lifestyle. It also forms the initials of Connect Homes.

Concept & Art Direction

To portray Connect Homes as a lifestyle brand that stands for beautiful yet accessible design – we chose bright colors to break away from the commonly sterile design linked to architectural firms and publications.

3D allows us to translate abstract value propositions into compelling brand storytelling. It offers full stylistic creativity and control, creating another visual layer to strengthen the identity as a system.


After an experiential introduction prompting the user to rethink homes, the homepage outlines how simple it can be to have a modern home custom built without moving. Imagery of beautiful, aspirational homes are evidence of the final product while the 3D and messaging convinces users on the feasibility. The home experience is triggered via scroll and guided via CTAs and navigational cues. A progress bar helps orient the user throughout the scroll journey.


We designed an interactive timeline to showcase how Connect Homes is smart with design and even smarter with process. We used this as an opportunity to connect with consumers who have home buying power, but think custom building is beyond reach and therefore consideration.


For most of us, the biggest purchase we’ll ever make is a home — whether we’re talking about a condo or a mansion, housing is the largest portion of most of our budgets. We wanted to present Connect Homes models less like a housing development showcase, and more like a product that will enable and define the lifestyle they want.


Since the product pages were more about systemizing design – the gallery offers users a visual moodboard for the Connect Homes lifestyle. The gallery is a way for the brand to connect with a key target audiences – design enthusiasts who daydream over glossy photos of a modern lifestyle they can’t afford but hope to one day.

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