Rethinking the personal care industry’s most used chemicals

Exciting users in the discovery of information and:

  1. Establishing a subtle yet effective visual identity for a B2B product
  2. Breaking away from traditional formalities when communicating technical ingredients
  3. Reflecting a high level of technical precision without compromising on aesthetics and femininity

Making intangibles, tangible through storytelling

Given that displaying the actual ingredient, a clear and colorless liquid, would not emotionally resonate — we decided to represent Brontide's benefits with visuals of raw ingredients and quality end products.

Creative Direction

Merging visuals of nature, science and people to tell a holistic story of purity and innovation.

Ingredient Branding

Our objective was to position Brontide in a way that complements, not conflicts with other brands. We focused on communicating the qualities that would benefit other brands and their products from the association with Brontide.

Product Story

Butylene glycol is a commonly used ingredient in personal care and cosmetic applications. Brontide is the purer, more sustainable alternative that is safer for consumers, healthier for the environment, and better for brands committed to better quality products.

Humanizing science with photography

As a company focused on developing ways to make the world’s most widely-used chemicals a better way, it was important for us to capture the people and the ingenuity behind the brand. We directed and executed a photoshoot to humanize their science.

Brand Vision Video

In another effort to humanize the science behind Genomatica and their products, we created a brand vision video to communicate Brontide's unique value proposition through the voice of the team behind the brand.

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