Award-winning eCommerce for a women’s luxury brand

We wanted to create an effective retail channel that:

  1. Parallels the thoughtfulness of a physical retail store
  2. Articulates the vision of “Parisian sensibility meets California cool”
  3. Builds durable brand love, leading to conversion


We crafted a brand-led eCommerce experience to help Amaiò tell an intimate story of form, function and fashion.

Conveying emotion in branded user interactions

The water-like animation is a gentle nod to the product category of swimwear.

The fluid interactions and smooth parallax transitions offers a refined elegance to the overall experience.

Brand Story

Amaiò enables today’s modern woman to extend her sense of effortless ease. Each garment is entirely functional but designed to be worn beyond the beach or pool. Textiles are sourced from heritage mills in Europe, resulting in ancestral craftsmanship and long lasting quality. We wanted to express this level of care and thoughtfulness unique to the brand.

Fully responsive, entirely immersive

We set out to create an experience that maintains a lot of the immersive interactions regardless of the device used. Beyond rescaling, we recreated thoughtful adaptations for mobile. Highlights include a mobile specific navigation and filter system, an autoscaling browsing experience, and swipe features to replace clicks.

Experiential Browsing

We wanted to create a memorable product browsing experience. Each product page on Amaiò begins and ends with a full screen lifestyle image — submerging shoppers into the collection. Through scroll, additional product images are shown on and off the model, allowing us to tell an emotionally resonating yet informative story about the garment.

Size chart — a humanistic detail

Being a luxury brand, we wanted the size chart to resemble the experience of speaking to a fitting room expert. Instead of displaying a static chart, we ask users questions in exchange for a tailored size suggestion. In every retail experience, small details matter.

Editorial and Product Photography

We directed and shot lifestyle and product photos to create a consistent brand narrative that showcases the versatility of each swimsuit.

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