Helping good ideas break through the noise

It takes more than a good idea to be noticed, let alone chosen by customers and investors. A promising venture requires compelling vision to stand out from competition and the right people to nurture and translate it into success. We invest energy and expertise to build strategic brands and disruptive products for startups seeking to use business as a force for good.

A team of risk-takers, believers and doers

The desire to support new ventures at its most vulnerable and early stage comes from our intention to drive impact, shape culture and connect people in a positive way. We are most fulfilled when challenging entrepreneurs who care deeply about the problem they are solving. We love to engage in meaningful adventures, set high objectives, take the right amount of risks and put the necessary amount of sweat to see it through.

Seeking ambitious dreamers pursuing higher returns

We believe that entrepreneurs have the power to change the world for the better. We invest in early stage startups with visionary teams, good-for-the-world offer and the willingness to become impactful success stories on one condition...that trust is mutually shared and valued. If you think we would be a great fit, let us know at

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